Ever since I was a little girl, I loved everything about art. I pretty much came out of the womb dancing + singing to music. Fast forward to when I got my first camera at the age of ten, I started blasting music with friends and making them pose in front of my camera at any chance I could get. I felt so much joy that I was able to have those moments forever, and would print them to put in my scrapbooks. To this day, I still bring a speaker with me to play music at my sessions, and am always down to have a dance party together. 

The story of how it all began.


Fun Facts About Your Photog:

my nickname, brie, is spelt like the cheese.

i've seen the movie 50 first dates 1,742 times.

I've spent many hours designing my dream home on the sims

Prompts over poses
Silly & lightheartedness
HonestY & Vulnerability

My Approach

We all have horror stories from school picture days, and JC Penny photo shoots that can make anybody cringe, right?? Well you don't have to worry, our session will be FAR from that. So how do I get my couples to look so natural and genuine? I promise they aren't models! Everyone comes into the first shoot.a little hesitant, but they always leave feeling confident and excited. I believe in prompts over strict poses. No one likes looking stiff, so my prompts help to make you giggle and get comfy in front of my camera. I also believe location is SO important. shooting in a space that is special to you and your partner gives us the ability to get you feeling cozy and to make your experience more fun.

tbh, our sesh won't be like the rest.

Why should you trust me to capture your day? Let's talk about my experience. I have been shooting since I was ten, both film and digital photography. I decided to continue my education and go to college for documentary photography to live my dream. I received my BFA in 2019 from Columbia in Chicago, and my courses prepared me for shooting in all different kinds of scenarios. Being a documentary photographer, means I loveeee capturing candid moments. Your gallery will be more unposed and truthful to you. I also have shot over 50+ weddings, and over 200+ sessions so I have really mastered my style and look to give you images that flow together beautifully.

What makes ya qualified, Brie??

nice to meet you, friend.

have we met?

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